The Software Radio Implementation Forum (SRIF) 2015 workshop will be held September 7, 2015 at ACM MobiCom in Paris.


Talks, posters and demos are listed. The day-of schedule shown here is still tentative:

9:00 intro
9:15 demos
9:45 posters
10:00 Rondeau
10:30 break
11:00 keynote: Steve Muir
12:00 lunch
12:45 Hithnawi
13:15 Grunwald
13:45 break
14:15 O'Shea
14:45 Surligas
15:15 Otterbach
15:45 break
16:15 panel
17:30 (done for the day)


  • Development and Performance Analysis of GNU Radio on Android  -  Thomas Rondeau and Nicholas McCarthy
  • CIG: Controlled Interference Generation for Wireless Coexistence Research  -  Awnar Hithnawi, Vaibhav Kulkarni, Su Li and Hossein Shafagh
  • Architecture-Based Software Designs for SDR's  -  Bhaumik Bhatt, Austin Anderson and Dirk Grunwald
  • GNU Radio Signal Processing Architectures for Dynamic Burst Modems  -  Tim O'Shea and Kiran Karra
  • Maximizing GPU exploitation for SDR with GPUDirect  -  Manolis Surligas, Antonis Makrogiannakis and Stefanos Papadakis
  • Software Defined Radio for Power Line Communication Research and Development  -  Nico Otterbach, Cornelius Kaiser, Vlad Stoica, Bin Han and Klaus Dostert


  • A Multiband GNSS Software Defined Receiver  -  Carles Fernandez-Prades and Javier Arribas
  • mSync – Frames without Preambles  -  Bastian Bloessl and Falko Dressler
  • Enhancing GNU Radio with Heterogeneous Computing  -  Alfredo Muniz
  • Push the Limit of Cross Technology Coexistence  -  Ping Li, Panlong Yang, Yubo Yan and Lei Shi


  • A Software Defined Radio Platform for Rapid Cross-Layer Prototyping  -  Tom Vermeulen, Bertold Van den Bergh and Sofie Pollin
  • Spectrum-Agile mm-Wave Packet Radio Implementation on USRPs  -  Julian Arnold, Ljiljana Simić, Marina Petrova and Petri Mähönen
  • IIO blocks for GnuRadio  -  Paul Cercueil
  • ROCH: Software-defined Radio Toolbox for Experimental Evaluation of All-spectrum Cognitive Networking  -  George Sklivanitis, Emrecan Demirors, Stella Batalama, Dimitris Pados and Tommaso Melodia
  • Development and Performance Analysis of GNU Radio on Android  -  Thomas Rondeau and Nicholas McCarthy
  • A software radio LTE terminal - srsUE  -  Paul Sutton and Ismael Gomez